Fusion Tattoo Ink

Ben Klishevsky



Houston in touch! With you, Ben Klishevsky! And I am a tattoo artist from the planet Earth! 10 years ago, I have decided that a tattoo is exactly what I can use to reveal my potential as an artist, the absence of the eraser or the ability to make a mistake added a fire! In the first year, I have turned my home into the underground tattoo studio and I have decided that it is a time to open a serious business. Over the past 8 years I have created 6 Banana Tattoo studios in Moscow. From the first years of tattooing, I have tried to learn realism, the first 5-6 years of my work, I have been not different from the most portrait painters and made a quality work, but I realized that I still could not find myself. Once upon a time a client came to me with a request to make him cosmos, and the result gave me an understanding in which direction I should go further. With each job, I have been drawing down more and more into the depths of the universe. Day by day, I have created many works and became one of the few masters in the world in the style of space landscapes and futurism. From the first years of my work I have used Fusion ink pigments, it is a great honor for me to receive an invitation to join the family and to become a part of the Pro team. In my works I use a large palette which often has more than 50-60 colors. Ink Fusion helps me to create galaxies without borders. Nowadays, people from different parts of the world come to me and I can definitely call myself a happy person who has found himself! Thank you so much for supporting the Fusion Ink family! Together we will create a beautiful future!