Fusion Tattoo Ink

Ink Handling and Storage

 Fusion Ink Handling and Storage

USAGE – Before using, tighten cap and shake the bottle vigorously for one minute until the mixing ball moves freely. Shake before each use. After use, close tightly and wipe the pouring tip with a clean cloth, preferably with a sterile wipe. 

STORAGE – Each bottle of Fusion Ink is marked with a best before date and a spot to write, “open date”, on the label. It is recommended that the ink be used within 12 months of opening. We do have a 3 year date for unopened shelf life. In general, stored bottles should be shook every few weeks to ensure a consistent color match during active use. Fusion Ink should be stored away from the sun, kept below 90 degrees Fahrenheit and above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Always wear gloves when handling the bottles.
Do not freeze.

We hope this answers any questions you have about Fusion Inks. If you have additional questions or require further information, please contact us and we will do our best to answer any questions. We can be reached at 877.724.0008 or through our Contact Us at the bottom of this page.