Fusion Tattoo Ink

Kirsten Pettitt


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My name is Kirsten Pettitt, also known on instagram as kpeanut. Im 28, and my interest for tattoos began at the age of 16 when I would draw tattoo designs for my brother who took them to his tattooist. I knew I wanted to tattoo but I thought it was totally out of reach and didn’t have enough confidence to try. I put it off for about 7 years. Instead I studied art at collage and university, where I did a fine art degree. I spent 4 years creating art , oil painting and partying. In my last year I realised that I needed to face reality and decide what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, and the burning desire to tattoo was still there so, I thought f*ck it and applied for an apprenticeship. It was with Jamie Knott who opened a studio down the road from where I lived. I didn’t discover colour in tattooing until I invested in the Fusion 60 set a year into my career. Since then I have not used anything other than Fusion, and I am so honoured to be sponsored by such a great ink and an amazing team of artists who have inspired me since the beginning. 

My passion is colour realism. I have tattooed a lot of recognisable faces as I do a lot of portraits, but I really love to tattoo a wide variety of subject matter. 

I feel so lucky to do a job I love, my 16 year old self wouldn’t believe where I am now.